A downloadable game for Windows

A toppings shooter that orders an actual real-life pizza for you.

Fight with your friends to get YOUR favorite toppings on the pizza.

Play with keyboard for up to 3 players (arrow keys, WASD and UHJK) or Xbox controllers for up to 4 players.

Only worked with Ata Pizza in Copenhagen - and now they changed their website, so it doesn't work anywhere :| We could in theory make it work for any pizzeria, but we lack the time & resources :)

You can still play it to decide what pizza to order though!

Made in 48 hours for Nordic Game Jam


Mikkel Ravnholt: Programming the pizza-ordering system

Victor Selnæs Breum: Programming the game. Original idea

Sigurd Bengtson: Music

Emil Ekström, Frederik Goth and Martin Lund Lauritsen: Art


PublicPizza.zip 52 MB

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