Local multiplayer dashing party with emotional squares for 2-4 players. Dash, crash and smash your friends out of the screen in this intuitive, high-intensity flash-clash.

Requires Xbox controllers. Use this tool if you want to use other types of controllers.

The Windows version is more stable than the Web version! If the above Web version is slow or doesn't work, try downloading the Windows version at the bottom of the page.

How to dash:

Hold X to start charging and aiming.

Aim with left analog stick.

Release X to dash in the direction you're aiming.

The longer you charge, the harder you dash.

(Also, press A to jump!)


Victor Selnæs Breum (victorbreum.com@ZepCap): programming, game design

Sigurd Bengtson: level design, drawing.

Frederik Goth: sound and music

Thomas Halborg: drawing

Mikkel Ravnholt: good ideas and a script for trail effects.


Read some reflections on the game design goals and look at lots of gifs here: http://bit.ly/2aSeGvh

Crude keyboard controls (just for quickly trying the game, you should really play with controllers): Player 1: Arrow keys + L & enter. Player 2: WASD + left shift & space.


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Windows Jerry 68 MB
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